Concrete’s uses span far and wide, chosen for anything from building foundations to screed floors. It’s such a versatile material that you can control the way it behaves, its strength and the results it achieves. Its nature can be changed depending on its intended use. One of the types of building its chosen for is those built in the industrial industry. Here’s everything you need to know.

Concrete supplier guides - why concrete is chosen for industrial buildingsWhy Use Concrete for Industrial Buildings?

While bricks are sometimes favoured for domestic and smaller commercial premises, concrete is often used to build large industrial buildings. Some of the properties of concrete outweigh those of bricks, making it more suitable for this type of build. This includes higher strength mixes, greater flexibility and the ease of use. External cladding can also be applied to any load-bearing walls. Larger volumes of concrete can be poured into the required site using concrete pumps. This can reduce the overall timescale of the project, which is a vital component of the success of this type of large-scale build.

Benefits of Concrete in This Sector

As well as its general advantages, such as durability and strength, there are some other benefits of using concrete specifically for industrial buildings. These will enhance the overall performance of the structure. The activities which take place in industrial premises can increase fire safety risks, so it’s important to use a material which could prevent the spread of fire or destruction of the building. Luckily, concrete is more fire-resistant than many other building materials. It’s also great for creating an airtight building which has greater temperature control, helping to reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling the building throughout the year. It’s important to source sustainable, energy-efficient materials when building any type of property, reducing its environmental footprint while saving money.


As well as using concrete for anything from the foundations to concrete walls for the industrial building, there are also other ways this material can be used. For example, because of the nature of some industrial work, building security is usually a high priority. Concrete walls offer strength against those using powerful machinery and equipment trying to break into the buildings. For those who have a perimeter fence around the property, concrete can also be used for anything from concrete posts to building the fencing and wall itself. You can even use it for outbuildings around the vicinity, including concrete shed bases and smaller warehouses.

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