Whether laying a fresh batch or replacing concrete, new materials cost money. However, it’s important to keep projects as cost-efficient as possible without compromising on the quality you want to achieve. It’s a good idea to review your processes and identify if you’re spending more on concrete than necessary. Here are some top areas to look at to help reduce your concrete and labour costs.

How to ensure you implement cost-effective concrete processes. Identify where you could be spending too much or wasting concrete. Stop spillages & over-ordering. Choose volumetric concrete. Get a free, competitive quote now.

Stop Concrete Spillages in Their Tracks

One of the tricks to ensuring you keep concrete costs to a minimum is ensuring the process in which it’s ordered and handled is cost-effective. However, many people end up wasting perfectly good concrete by spilling it when it’s moved across the site. Take a look at how often this is happening and whether it could be making an impact on your overall costs per job. The further you can stretch a batch of concrete, the better. One of the cleanest methods of pouring concrete and transporting it to the right site is using concrete pumps. This not only saves on hours of labour time and keeps your site cleaner, but directly pours the exact amount of concrete needed into the site it’s required.

Choose Volumetric Concrete

Many of the costs associated with concrete include the time taken to mix specific batches for different uses. In these cases, a project manager or site manager may order a large batch of concrete materials which sit in bags on the site, ready to be used when another mix is required. This can cause contamination of the land below, take up a lot of space and may lead to higher amounts of waste. One of the quickest ways to get the exact mix of concrete you need without allocating man-hours to creating it is to use volumetric concrete. The batch will be created in the ratio you need, and a digitally metred system on the mixer will only charge you for the amount you’ve used. This removes the costs associated with over-ordering or paying over the odds for smaller batches.

Get the Best Quote

It can be too easy to stick to your usual suppliers without checking whether they offer the best rates. If you can get a true, competitive quote, it may be worth going back to them to see if they can match the price if you’re happy with everything else about their service. However, it’s also important to take a look at what other concrete companies are offering, including ways to cut down on the time you spend preparing or pouring concrete, not just the basic cost.

Looking for a reliable concrete supplier?

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