For construction workers, builders and anyone else who uses concrete, it’s important to find ways to work more efficiently while making life easier. For those who haven’t tried concrete pumps yet, here’s how they can transform the way you work.

How Do Concrete Pumps Work?

When concrete is delivered in volumetric mixers, those onsite must still decide on the best ways to transfer the concrete to where it’s needed. Concrete pump hire is a solution many now use, transporting the concrete which has been freshly mixed to the exact place it needs to be poured. This is a far quicker method than a wheelbarrow could achieve, as well as being safer and eliminating waste.

Why use concrete pump hire services? What's the difference between boom pumps & ground line pumps? Find out more about how concrete pumps can be used, save time, increase quality & reach difficult to access pouring sites.

The main two types of pump are boom pumps and ground line pumps. Boom pumps are selected for difficult to access spaces, using a hydraulic arm to allow the pumps to reach over and around obstacles, even bridges and houses. Ground line pumps can be laid across the ground (thus the name), as well as up ramps and stairs.


Many people ask whether you can use all types of concrete in pumps, and the answer is yes. The pumps are simply a different way to move the concrete to the site it’s required. So whether you’re working on a landscaping project in a home’s garden or laying the foundations of some new commercial office blocks, concrete pumps can be used.

Our concrete pumps offer great access options when delivering concrete in LondonAccess

One of the most common reasons concrete pumps are hired is their ability to reach any areas which are difficult to access. Problems often faced onsite include the ground being too unstable for vehicles to enter, as well as concrete pouring sites located at a height, in narrow areas or around several obstacles. Pumps are long and flexible, so offer more choice when it comes to where you want the concrete poured and the route required to get there.

The pumps can be placed through buildings, up flights of stairs, and in tight spots, making it really easy to transport the concrete to the desired pour site.


When working on any type of construction or building project, time management is one of the key elements of success, keeping everything on track for completion. Concrete pumps are the most efficient way to transport concrete, drastically reducing the cost of labour. In fact, pumps will place more concrete per hour than any other method, helping you to meet tight deadlines and work as efficiently as possible.


Concrete pumps also make life easier for you by creating better quality results. The reason for this is the fact they use less water so the concrete will be less likely to crack or experience shrinkage. This provides a durable finish which is more stable than other concrete pouring methods.

Concrete Pump Hire Services

At Maguire, our fully trained operatives will pump high quality concrete to the specific place you need it. Our years of experience means we offer advice on any type of concrete or screed you require and provide concrete pumps for hire across London and Surrey. Get in touch now to let us know what you need.