In order to sustain both our environment and our planet, recycling is essential. We are running out of landfill sites in the UK, so the less waste we can send to them, the better. Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process uses considerably less energy than that required to make new products for raw materials. This also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which combats climate change.

Every individual and business will have an effect on the environment and must take the sustainability and protection of our planet seriously and we provide a cleaner and greener solutions to waste disposal. As independent waste carriers, we are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and adhere to the most rigorous environmental legislation and approved codes of practice, so we always meet or exceed them.

We work in partnership with our customers to achieve responsible and best value solutions to waste recycling. We are committed to helping our customers in reducing their environmental impact by providing waste management plans and other advice and help.

The lady in the office was really helpful and arranged for a colleague to visit me to ensure all would be OK. The driver even helped me load the last few bricks. Can’t believe how easy and straightforward it all was.  Thanks so much to you all.

Simon Bradshaw - Wallington

iming is essential on my sites and the concrete guys at Maguire are 1st class.  Never let me down!  Keep up the great work as its much appreciated by us all.

Gerry @ Queen St.

My vehicles regularly tip waste at the Maguire depot in Wimbledon. The guys there are efficient and professional. Nothing is too much trouble.

Happy Customer

Environmental management system

We work to the highest standards of environmental management and compliance and are constantly looking for ways to improve on the environmental efficiency of our business. At the heart of our commitment to the environment, is a company-wide Environmental Management System (EMS) that all our sites adhere to. This is a set of practices and organisation, that helps us achieve environmental goals through consistent evaluation, review and improvement to identify areas and opportunities to improve. We’ve developed our system to meet the standards of ISO 1400 and we set a number of targets.

Our staff are provided with ongoing training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to carry out tasks in a way that protects the environment, with practices like monthly toolbox talk for all drivers and site staff.


We work with a range of commercial customers and alongside our waste management services, we can provide a consultancy service and will work with you to provide recommendations and advice for your waste management strategy to ensure compliance and so you can keep your costs down.

We work hard to ensure you receive the highest standards of customer care, so we form long-term relationships.

  • Waste reduction and recycling: Protecting our environment is at the forefront of our business. All waste is sorted and processed by mechanical methods or by skilled waste operatives. We work hard to ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled and we handle all types of waste, including both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, in line with current health and safety guidelines. We also actively encourage recycling internally and amongst customers and suppliers. Recycled waste is transferred in bulk to destinations for transforming s much materials into high quality recyclates for remanufacturing. Non-recyclable waste is off-set for fuel-based energy generation.

  • FORS-accredited: We are regularly audited by FORS (the Fleet Operator Recognition System), encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations.

  • Modern and fully serviced equipment: Our equipment is regularly serviced and constantly monitored to maintain maximum operational efficiency to control our environmental impact. All vehicles are monitored with trackers and fuel economy detectors to reduce waste.

  • Identify and manage environmental risks and hazards: We take all measures to prevent or diminish any risks or hazards that might result in harmful impact on the environment. Examples include carrying spill kits in all vehicles to minimise the environmental effects of any accidental spillages.


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