You often hear ready-mixed concrete and volumetric concrete mentioned together, but there are actually some key differences between them, including speed, flexibility and convenience. To help you decide which one is right for each concrete project you undertake, here are some of the considerations you need to think about.

What type of concrete do you need? Discover the key differences between ready-mixed & volumetric concrete. Find out the best concrete for those on a tight schedule, domestic vs commercial concrete requirements & more.

Are You on a Tight Schedule?

The convenience of your concrete deliveries is something to consider when on a tight schedule. If you need concrete delivered ready to pour straight away, ready-mixed concrete is the solution you need. Once it’s been created, it’s delivered straight to your site, ready to be used. However, with volumetric concrete, you’ll have to wait for the concrete to be ready as it’s only mixed once the truck reaches you. That said, check with your supplier about how long it takes, as it may not be as long as you think.

The Type of Concrete Required

One of the main differences between ready-mixed and volumetric concrete batches is where they’re mixed. For example, if you need one type of concrete, ready-mixed is the right option for you. It’s pre-made (thus its ‘ready-mixed’ name), delivered in one batch. However, for jobs which are a little more complex, i.e. you need one mix for a driveway and then another for some building foundations, it can be easier to mix volumetric concrete on-site, depending on which you need at the time it arrives. With volumetric batches, all the materials are transported in separate compartments. Once on-site, the operator can create a tailored programme for your requirements on the day, so there’s greater flexibility if the project scope changes.

Domestic vs Commercial Concrete Projects

Volumetric concrete is often more suitable for complex projects thanks to its ability to easily scale up or down, change the ratios of materials or even use concrete admixtures to control the way the mixture behaves or sets. Volumetric mixers can sometimes hold higher amounts of concrete too. Therefore, volumetric batches are often chosen for large commercial and industrial projects. Due to the fixed nature of ready-mixed concrete, it’s usually chosen for smaller projects, such as those on domestic sites such as a new shed base or landscaping work.

Budgetary Requirements

Both types of concrete can be really affordable if you use a good supplier, but there are some considerations to make, which again, relate to their flexibility. Volumetric concrete mixing is very precise since it’s completed on-site. There’s no chance of over or under ordering, and you just pay for what you need. With ready-mixed concrete, it’s important to know what you need when you order it because alterations can’t be made when it’s delivered. That said, a good supplier will be able to advise you appropriately to ensure there’s no waste. Ready-mixed concrete is also accredited, so you know you’re getting one of the highest standards of concrete at a good price.

Ready to order?

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