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Here at Maguire, we supply the construction industry, trade and DIY customers in Wallington and Penge with quality mixed concrete and screed. Working throughout South London and Surrey, we are a well-established independent concrete company, offering excellent quality and services.

You can rest assured that whatever type of concrete you require, our team will be able to deliver it. Our volumetric concrete mixers allow us to proportion the raw materials and adjust the strength and mix of your concrete on-site. This is a more cost-effective and efficient way of delivering concrete, as opposed to it being batched away from site. You will never pay for more concrete than you have used, so if you over order, you will not get charged.

We can also produce foamed concrete, all types of concrete with admixtures, including fibres and retarders. Whether you need small air bubbles in your concrete, or fast-drying concrete, we can assist.

We can deliver up to one cubic metre of concrete upwards, including projects as small as paving and paths, right through to large scale developments. Our top quality concrete will enhance your build. We are concrete suppliers that you can trust!

Benefits of our volumetric concrete includes:

  • The individual ingredients are stored in separate compartments, allowing the mix to be tailored on-site, according to conditions.
  • Mix can be changed instantly to produce different types of concrete from the same load.
  • No money is waste – only pay for what you use!
  • Volumetric concrete is made fresh and is of a consistent quality.
  • No wasted materials, so it is better for the environment.
  • High quality BSI-certified materials used.

Whether you are planning home improvements, or you are in the trade and you need a reliable concrete supplier, we can help. We also offer a range of other services to both domestic and commercial customers, including skip hire Wallington, wait and load and caged lorries, waste management solutions and more.

Are you looking for the best prices for mixed on-site concrete? Use our concrete calculator and give us a call on 020 8648 7688.

Only pay for what you use!

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We deliver mixed concrete in and around Penge (SM6)

We can deliver concrete wherever and whenever you need it with our same-day and next-day service. We work throughout the local areas, including in Reigate and Thornton Heath.

Our domestic concrete is designed to be used on residential projects, such as extensions, foundations, footings, shed and garage bases and driveways. We produce all mixes, from C10 to high strength C50 mixes for commercial and industrial projects.

Our commercial mixes are stronger, and we always tailor our mixes to your needs. All concrete undergoes cube testing and complies with standards for a smooth and strong finish. Our experience and expertise offers great value and peace of mind.

We supply high-quality concrete & screed in the following locations:

  • Kenley
  • Purley
  • Addington

Wallington screed delivered

Screed is the concrete base used when laying a floor. It ensures the floor maintains its strength, repels water and results in a solid and even base for other flooring materials. We offer high quality screed of all mix types. All floor screeds are available with strengthening fibres or retarding agents, for example.

All our services are not just available from 9 until 5 but around the clock. So, you can get your concrete and screed delivered at the time that suits you best. We offer two-hour delivery windows and can give you a clear timeframe when we are on our way.

If you would like to collect your concrete and screed from our depot, we can also organise this for you.

Concrete pumping in SM6

A concrete pump can be used for pouring all types and strengths of concrete, from slabs and footings, to foundations and shed bases. Choosing a pump means that difficult jobs can become much easier and allow you to place concrete in areas that are hard to reach, such as up stairs, over walls and through narrow pathways. It will also keep mess and disruption to a minimum.

Alternative methods of transporting concrete, such as barrowing concrete are more time-consuming and labour-intensive.

For all your concrete needs in Wallington, call our concrete experts

Get a quote today. We can be reached on 020 8648 7688 or email us on The cheapest concrete in your local area is guaranteed.

  • Garage bases

  • Foundations

  • Basements

  • Extensions

  • Oversites

  • Patios

  • Driveways

  • Pathways

  • Paving

  • Subfloors

  • Underpinning

  • Shed bases

  • Expert quality: High quality concrete, suitable for domestic or commercial applications. All ingredients are BSI-certified and we do cube testing on every job. All mixes are of a very consistent quality to produce the best results on your project.

  • Multiple mixes on demand: Concrete mixes can be easily adjusted and altered on-site if there are changing conditions or requirements, for example. We deliver all mixes, including C10/Gen 1, C15/Gen 2, C20/Gen 3, C25, C30, C35, C40, C50, C55 and C60. We also supply foamed concrete.
  • Only produce what you need: We produce only the concrete that you need for your job – there will never be any part load charges or wasted concrete.

  • Quick production rate: Our volumetric concrete mixers produce concrete quickly, giving you more time to work with it.

  • Same or next-day service: We offer same day and next day service and will give you a two-hour delivery window, so you are never left waiting around for your concrete to be delivered.