Whether you are laying an internal or external floor, our floor screed is of the highest quality. With over 30 years in the industry, we are one of the leading screed suppliers within the local area.

We can mix your screed to your specifications on site, so you can achieve a durable, flawless and smooth finish. If required, we can add retarders to your screed, which will slow down the setting time, giving you more time to work with the material. We can also add fibres to your screed mixture, which will prevent shrinkage and settlement cracking and boost the strength of your screed.

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We provide the following

  • Simple and quick ordering process

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  • BSI-certified ingredients

  • Deliveries tailored to your requirements

  • No waste

Whether you are working on a large commercial job or a small DIY project, we can supply you with exactly the right amount of screed for your project. We can also mix it in one of our volumetric trucks, meaning no waste or mess and you will only pay for what you use!

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Timing is essential on my sites and the concrete guys at Maguire are 1st class.  Never let me down!  Keep up the great work as its much appreciated by us all.

Gerry @ Queen St.

Have been using Maguires for over 10 years for skips and more recently for concrete.

John Bailey

My vehicles regularly tip waste at the Maguire depot in Wimbledon.  The guys there are efficient and professional. Nothing is too much trouble.

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What is floor screed?

This is thin layer of specialist concrete made up from cement and sharp sand. It is used to cover foundation concrete, providing a clean finish or as a final floor covering, before tiles or wooden floorboards are laid. It can also be used to provide additional insulation under your flooring or to cover pipework.

Concrete and screed are essentially made from the same basic ingredients – cement, aggregate and water. However, screed is a more free-flowing mixture than concrete and is made with finer aggregate. It can be used in all domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Types of screed

We offer a different choice of screeds and can talk you through your options, so you get the best finish. There are five main types of screed:

  • Bonded screed: As the name suggests, bonded screed is bonded onto the substrate with a bonding agent or primer. This is the ideal type of screed for thinner applications, where heavy loading is anticipated, such as car parks and driveways.

  • Unbonded screed: Unbonded screeds are not bonded directly to the base and are applied over a damp proof membrane (DPM), laid on top of a concrete base. The advantage of unbonded screed is that the potential impacts of settlement or shrinkage are less of an issue.

  • Floating screed: Floating screed is laid on top of insulation to create a thermally efficient floor.

  • Underfloor heating screed: This is the same as floating screed but is commonly laid directly on top of heating pipes within underfloor heating systems instead of insulating materials, to help retain heat for longer.

  • Liquid screed: As called self-compacting screed or calcium sulphate screed, this mix is very popular because of faster installation and drying times. These screeds can withstand foot traffic in just 24 to 48 hours after the screed has been laid.

Why we’re the screed experts

Each of these types of screed has its own benefits and uses.

We are specialist concrete and screed experts who can assist you with all aspects of supply and installation

Contact us now for your screed supply!

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