On-site mixed concrete & ready mix concrete deliveries in and around Godstone, Surrey

Every aspect of your domestic or commercial concrete needs in Godstone, Bletchingley and the wider areas will be taken care of when you choose Maguire.

As leading suppliers of on-site concrete throughout the local areas of Surrey, we put your in charge, with flexible timescales, such as same-day and next-day orders and two-hour delivery slots.

We launched our company over 15 years ago and our team is highly-trained, helpful and courteous. All concrete is made from BSI-certified raw materials and is available in all specifications.

  • All your concrete needs taken care of: We can take care of all your concrete needs, so whether you require a small amount for a domestic job or a large amount of specialist concrete for a development project, we can help.
  • No job too big or small: From concrete collections, through to deliveries of one cubic metre upwards, we are the concrete company to call.
  • Flexible deliveries: We deliver concrete 24/7 with out-of-hour concrete solutions one of our main specialities. Our large customer base includes commercial organisations, including developers, contractors and construction firms.
  • Volumetric concrete: Our concrete can be mixed on-site to your exact requirements, offering complete flexibility for a cost-effective and mess-free solution.
  • Local concrete company: Our vehicle tracking system allows us to deliver concrete throughout the local areas, including local sites in East Grinstead and Crawley.
  • Concrete collection services: As well as concrete supply services, we offer an efficient collection service, that allows our customers to ring ahead with their concrete order. We will get it ready, so you can collect it from our depot.
  • Screed suppliers: Do you need quality-assured screed? We can deliver all designs for a variety of jobs, from quick-drying screed to underfloor heating screed.

Hiring the right concrete company will make a real difference to your project. Contact us now on 020 8648 7688. Are you also looking for skip hire or waste management solutions – we are experts in these fields too!

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Why use our concrete for your job near Bletchingley (RH9)?

When you order concrete, you will want it to be delivered in time, in the right quantity and fresh to use. In addition to this, you will want minimal wastage to get the absolute best products at the most cost-effective prices. Our volumetric concrete offers all these benefits and more.

  • Never worry about hot loads because our mobile mixers produce concrete on-site with no wastage
  • Eliminate short-load fees because multiple batches can be delivered with one load
  • Easily alter mix designs to support your project and what you need, with speciality concrete easily available
  • No waste means less impact on the environment and as leading waste management specialists, we are passionate about keeping our services as eco-friendly as possible
  • Do not worry about getting estimate wrong – volumetric concrete means you will never over or under order

We supply high-quality concrete & screed in the following locations:

  • Nutfield
  • Merstham
  • Tandridge
  • Expert quality: High quality concrete, suitable for domestic or commercial applications.

  • Multiple mixes on demand: Concrete mixes can be easily adjusted and altered on-site. We deliver all mixes, including C10/Gen 1, C15/Gen 2, C20/Gen 3, C25, C30, C35, C40, C50, C55 and C60. We also supply foamed concrete.

  • Only produce what you need: We produce only the concrete that you need for your job.

  • Same or next-day service: We offer same day and next day service and will give you a two-hour delivery window.

  • Bespoke concrete mixes: All mixes are tailormade to your requirements and we also can add a number of admixtures.

  • Professional: Our staff are highly experienced and here to offer technical help and support at any time.

  • Competitive prices: We offer affordable concrete and only charge for what you use.

  • Concrete pumps available to hire: We have both boom and ground line concrete pumps available for hire, for quick and easy concrete delivery.

Godstone concrete of all strengths and grades

We supply concrete and screed of all mixes and grades for different uses. Our main concrete specs are:

  • C10/Gen 1: This is used for non-structural purposes within the domestic and commercial industrials. Examples of usage include trench filling and drainage works.
  • C15/Gen 2: This is suitable for house floors, and foundations for sheds, conservatories and small walls.
  • C20/Gen 3: This mix is used widely in domestic construction projects for slab foundations for houses and bungalows.
  • C25: This mix is very versatile and used in numerous projects including foundations, footings and other general groundworks.
  • C30: Commonly utilised for pavements, driveways, paths, and patios, this mix is very weather resistant.
  • C35: This mix is ideal for heavy-duty applications where the ground is subject to heavy loading. Examples include external slabs and roadways.
  • C40: Mostly used on construction and agricultural sites, this mix is ideal for structural and support beams and roadworks.
  • C50/C55/C60: This is the strongest grade of concrete and used for specialised applications.

We also offer specialised mixes, such as foamed concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete, waterproof concrete and more. If you need specific admixtures, talk to our team who will be able to accommodate your requests.

Looking for affordable concrete for your Godstone project? Call our concrete company for a quote

Whether you are undertaking a spot of DIY or are a local construction firm, we can supply your concrete. We can be reached on 020 8648 7688 or email us at info@maguire.co.uk