We offer a safe and reliable concrete pumping service.

A concrete pump is a machine used to transfer volumetric concrete or screed to the site by pumping.

This is a quick, easy and clean way to move concrete to the exact point where is needed correctly and efficiently and where access is limited.

We hire boom and landline pumps, saving you time, money and effort.

Our concrete pumps are suitable for all kinds of building work, including new build properties, slabs, foundations, basements, driveways extensions, subsidence work, cellars and flooring, columns, bridges and more.

Concrete pumps are ideal for both domestic and commercial customers, so concrete is laid smoothly and quickly.

Concrete Calculator

Please select the appropriate units and then enter your measurements in those units.

The result is always given in cubic metres.

The two pumps available for hire are:

  • Boom pumps: Boom pumps allow you to efficiently and cleanly deliver concrete to difficult-to-access spaces. Boom pumps have a hydraulic arm that allows us to reach over and around objects. These pumps are flexible and are ideal for sites with lots of obstacles, such as over houses or bridges.

  • Ground line pumps: Otherwise known as landline pumps, ground line pumps have a standard distance of 50 metres but can reach up to 150 metres, on request. These pumps also allow us to access spaces which are not accessible with mixer trucks and can be laid to go up stairs or ramps or through buildings.

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Timing is essential on my sites and the concrete guys at Maguire are 1st class.  Never let me down!  Keep up the great work as its much appreciated by us all.

Gerry @ Queen St.

Have been using Maguires for over 10 years for skips and more recently for concrete.

John Bailey

My vehicles regularly tip waste at the Maguire depot in Wimbledon.  The guys there are efficient and professional. Nothing is too much trouble.

Happy Customer

The benefits of using a concrete pump

  • Save on labour costs: By placing your concrete where you need it with a concrete pump, you will need less labour then if you were to move the concrete with cranes, wheelbarrows or buckets. Concrete pumps will reduce labour costs significantly and their flexibility removes the need to use any other equipment to transport your concrete.

  • Less waste: Pumping concrete to where you need it is efficient and clean and will result in less spillages and waste. All our concrete pumps can pump concrete in all weathers.

  • Fast: Concrete pumps will allow you to place more cubic metres per hour than any other concrete placement method. This can be very valuable where you are working to tight deadlines.

  • Flexibility: We hire boom and land line pumps, allowing you to pump concrete to even the most hard-to-reach areas, where there is restricted access for vehicles. Pumps can move concrete to around, over or under obstacles, so you can put concrete up stairs, over houses and other ‘hard-to-reach’ areas.

  • Fully-trained operatives: We also supply fully-trained pump operatives, who can pump your concrete quickly. This will allow your key team members time to focus on other important tasks.

  • Fresher concrete: Concrete pumps do not require as much water, so prevent shrinkage and cracking once the concrete has been placed. Therefore, this concrete will provide greater stability and longevity.

How to arrange for concrete pumping

We aim to make ordering your concrete pump simple and stress-free.

You may know which type of pump you require but if not, let us know the requirements of your project and we can recommend the best pumping solutions.

We can then arrange time for delivery, along with the amount and mix of concrete, so you are all set to go.

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Looking for more concrete options?

At Maguire, we’re more than just concrete. There are so many options available along with our expert advice too.

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Whatever your concrete pumping and projects requirements, we will have a concrete solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8648 7688.

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