We make and supply a wide range of concrete mixes, all mixed to British Standards.

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To arrange your delivery of concrete, we will need to know the amount of concrete that you need, what it is being used for, where you are based and any access issues and when you need your delivery. We will also need your payment details to secure your booking.

Concrete is made of three basic components: water, cement and aggregate (rock, sand, gravel). The ratio of ingredients dictates the type of concrete, which is produced. The key to successful concrete is careful mixing and our specialist team will ensure that we provide the highest quality concrete for your job.

It can be hard to know how much concrete you will require for your project. Use our helpful concrete calculator to accurately estimate the amount you will need to order for your project.

Volumetric concrete is mixed to specific ratios and strengths within a volumetric batching truck. It is mixed by volume of material, rather than weight and typically mixed on-site. Mixes and grades can be switched between jobs or even during jobs by simply adjusting the controls.

Concrete comes in a number of mixes, suitable for different commercial and domestic applications. We provide concrete for a wide variety of applications, including housing, commercial, screed and specialist applications.

This concrete weighs less than standard concrete and is used to reduce the weight of the structure. This can therefore reduce the size of columns, footings and other load-bearing elements. Lightweight concrete has the same durability and characteristics of regular weight concrete.


How quickly concrete sets depends on the type of mix used, the method of curing and the weather conditions. Concreting in very cold weather should be carefully considered before starting.

We offer same day or next day deliveries and many customers order their concrete in advance, if they know the timeframe of their project. We offer two-hour time slots so you will never be left waiting around for us.


We will need somewhere to park to deliver your concrete and if you are hiring a pump, the space required needs to be enough to accommodate both our concrete truck and pump truck. Our concrete pumps allow access to difficult-to-reach areas and our ground line pumps reach up to 50 metres (though we can pump further on request). We also have a range of grab and tippers if access is limited, so talk to our team about the options available.


Our team have an exemplary health and safety record that complies with all trade body standards, so you can have complete peace of mind that any risks will be minimised throughout the process. We have public liability insurance worth £5million, are accredited with FORS and are an ISO 9001-certified business.

We are happy for you to pick up your concrete directly from our depot rather than us delivering it to you. This can be helpful if you need concrete at very short notice.

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We understand the logistics of the construction industry and our specialists are perfectly placed to deliver the right concrete for you. Our team can also advise you how much concrete you need. Please call us now on 020 8648 7688.

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