Here at Maguire we are concrete specialists who can provide concrete and screed for all commercial customers. Whether you are building extensions or new homes, or you need concrete for smaller construction projects, our concrete will ensure to longevity and stability of your build.

We have the equipment to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We can provide you with a service tailored towards your needs, so no matter what quantity of concrete you need, or what mix design, we can help. We operate our fleet seven days a week, 365 days a year, ensuring that you will always have concrete when you need it.

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We can provide concrete for:

  • Concrete floors

  • House building

  • Conservatories

  • Basements

  • Other building projects

  • Paths and paving

  • Drainage and fencing

  • External paving and walkways

  • Industrial applications

  • Concrete piling projects

Timing is essential on my sites and the concrete guys at Maguire are 1st class.  Never let me down!  Keep up the great work as its much appreciated by us all.

Gerry @ Queen St.

Have been using Maguires for over 10 years for skips and more recently for concrete.

John Bailey

My vehicles regularly tip waste at the Maguire depot in Wimbledon.  The guys there are efficient and professional. Nothing is too much trouble.

Happy Customer

The benefits of using our commercial concrete

There are many benefits of using our commercial concrete.

  • Cost-effective: Using volumetric concrete is better value for money than mixing concrete by hand on site. It also eliminates the cost of storing the raw materials. All batches of concrete are measured carefully and you will only ever pay for the concrete that you use.

  • Efficient: Hand mixing concrete takes a lot of man power and can be slow. By using our on-site mixed concrete, you free up time for you or your team to focus on other tasks. Using concrete pumps also ensures concrete is laid as quickly as possible.

  • Quality controlled: All our concrete is made from ingredients of the highest quality, to your exact specification. Computerised systems ensure that the mixes are always at exactly the right ratios and that your concrete is consistent.

  • More environmentally-friendly: When you use volumetric concrete, waste is minimised, making this an eco-friendly option. We operate a fleet of FORS-accredited vehicles that have real-time tracking, making our transport as economical and environmentally-friendly as possible.

  • Versatile: We can tailor each order of concrete to your exact requirements. With our innovative volumetric mixing tricks, we can also change the concrete mix, due to changing weather conditions, for example.

  • Timely deliveries: We understand that you are working to a deadline and this is why we can deliver your concrete efficiently.

Commercial concrete experts

Our experienced customer service team, modern innovative mixing trucks and concrete pump services, mean that we are the concrete providers you are looking for. We are prompt, professional and efficient, so you will never be left waiting for your concrete.

The size of your commercial construction project is unimportant; we can handle both large and small jobs. Whether you are piling contractor who workable and high strength concrete for a concrete piling project or you are a builder needs need multiple pours across different sites, we are the first choice for small and large commercial companies in the local area.

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Looking for more concrete options?

At Maguire, we’re more than just concrete. There are so many options available along with our expert advice too.

Choose from:


We are at the forefront of the volumetric commercial concrete supply industry in your local areas. We can supply batches of all sizes at affordable prices, so call us for a quote now on 020 8648 7688.

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