We supply concrete made from the highest quality ingredients at competitive prices. We have a range of vehicles in different sizes, so no matter the amount and mix of concrete you require, we will deliver it directly to your site in the most efficient way.

Whatever job you are doing, the quality of materials is of the utmost important. All our aggregates are stored in weather-protected containers to ensure that they stay in the best possible condition.

We ensure that our concrete is of the highest quality and every batch we supply undergoes a number of tests, to ensure it is safe, reliable and compliant. These tests include cube testing, providing you with peace of mind that your concrete is fit for purpose.

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Admixtures available on request

All concrete mixes are made using cement, water and aggregate at different ratios. We can also supply specialist admixtures.

The main admixtures we use include:

  • Plasticisers: This is a water reducer that improves workability, making the concrete flexible, resilient and easier to handle before the mixture hardens.

  • Fibres: These improve the tensile strength of the concrete and add reinforcement.

  • Retarders: These chemical agents slow down the rate of setting and will also reduce the prospect of bleeding.

  • Accelerators: These increase the rate of setting.

  • Waterproofer: This admixture acts as a highly efficient waterproofing agent.

Timing is essential on my sites and the concrete guys at Maguire are 1st class.  Never let me down!  Keep up the great work as its much appreciated by us all.

Gerry @ Queen St.

Have been using Maguires for over 10 years for skips and more recently for concrete.

John Bailey

My vehicles regularly tip waste at the Maguire depot in Wimbledon.  The guys there are efficient and professional. Nothing is too much trouble.

Happy Customer

Concrete mixes for all jobs

We supply concrete in a variety of mix types, suitable for all jobs. You may know which mix type you need or we are always happy to advise.

  • C10/Gen 1: Used widely across domestic and commercial applications, this flexible mixture is mainly used for non-structural purposes, such as drainage, floor binding and trench filling.

  • C15/Gen 2: This mixture is ideal for floors, especially if no carpet or tiles will be used to cover it. It is also used for paving, step foundations and pathways.

  • C20/Gen 3: One of the most requested lightweight mixes, C20 is commonly used for domestic construction projects, such as paving and patios, slabbed foundations, shed and garage bases and wall foundations.

  • C25: Useful for a range of domestic and commercial projects, this mixture is often used for foundations and footings. It is also perfect for domestic slab foundations for bungalow and house floors.

  • C30: Used for pavement construction, bases for homes and reinforced hard standings, this mix offers increased defence against the freeze/thaw cycle.

  • C35: This mix has the ability to sustain heavy loads and is ideal for commercial structures and sites that need to bear up against heavy usage.

  • C40: Most commonly used on commercial construction sites, C40 is used for construction foundations where traffic will be present, such as roads. It is also used in chemically-harsh environments, such as septic tanks.

  • C50/C55/C60: We also offer exceptionally high strength concrete mixes used for specialised projects where high strength and support are key.

Foamed concrete

Here at Maguire, we can supply you with foamed concrete. This highly workable and low density material is made in our volumetric mixers using an air-entertaining admixture, to create air bubbles.

Despite its low density, foamed concrete is very strong and a good insulator. Risk of shrinkage or settlement cracking is markedly lower than that of standard concrete.

If you require further advice, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team. We will ensure you get the perfect concrete mix for your project.

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We understand the logistics of modern day construction and our specialists are perfectly placed to deliver the right concrete for you. Our team can also advise you how much concrete you need. Call us now on 020 8648 7688.

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