While concrete has many residential uses, it’s also a staple material used for commercial and construction projects. Its versatility, stability and sustainability mean it can be used for a wide variety of structures.

Here are some of the best applications for commercial concrete.

Concrete Floors

Concrete is perfect for flooring thanks to its durability and strength. It’s also used as a subfloor which can then be covered in another flooring material. Screed is often selected for the smoother finish it creates on the surface. It can be poured over the concrete base and then levelled out.


If you’re building a new property or extra space such as a basement or extension, concrete foundations are an essential part of the build. This is because concrete has the strength to support the weight of the building while remaining flexible before it sets. This allows it to mould into the required shape and size for the foundations.

What are the best applications for commercial concrete? Discover more about its use for concrete floors, foundations, piling, paving & walkways, drainage, fencing & industrial buildings. Find a reliable concrete supplier.

Concrete Piling Projects

A specific type of foundations which concrete is used for is piling projects. These are deep foundations required for transferring the structure or building load further below the service to create the right support. They’re chosen for structures such as high-rise buildings and bridges. Concrete piling is also used where upper soil layers are weak or of poor quality, so the supporting foundations need to bypass this layer, driving deeper into rock or stronger soil below. The piling consists of concrete cylinders which are pushed further into the ground to create a steady support.

Paths, Paving & Walkways

Concrete is great for many types of walkway, including paved areas and paths across a commercial site. Around this sort of property, there’s often a lot of footfall, whether it’s staff, visitors or the public, so it requires a material which isn’t going to deteriorate easily and is simple to maintain should any cracks or bumps form.


One use for commercial concrete which many don’t consider is drainage systems. As a durable material, it’s used for anything from chamber rings to concrete pipes. Concrete can even have highly efficient waterproof admixtures added to the original mix to reduce its water absorption capabilities.


Commercial premises often need tighter security around them, especially if unoccupied at night or you need to monitor access, so concrete can be used as part of robust fencing measures. Fencing may also be erected for better safety throughout the site, often lining paths adjacent to a sloped area. Concrete can be chosen for a variety of structures, including fence posts and vehicular bollards.

Industrial Buildings

Concrete is also widely used in industrial sectors for high strength applications and heavy reinforcements. It’s often selected to enhance the performance of buildings, including fire resistance, airtight qualities and security.

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